Quality Management Solutions

In recent years, quality has become the leading buzzword for organizations across the globe. Market boundaries have dissolved, the supply chain has grown more complex and diverse, products have proliferated, outsourcing has become the norm, and global business operations have expanded: these factors increase the need for an integrated quality management system. The notion of quality management in most organizations, however, is still limited to focusing on savings and additional revenue that they can realize, neglecting the overall business quality. Likewise, most organizations still utilize resource intensive legacy systems, standalone applications, or even paper-based systems. As a result, issues slip through the cracks, making it difficult to prevent gaps in compliance, uncover ineffective controls, and avoid duplication of effort and documentation.

Adept Minds Quality Management Software Solution

With success in the next decade and beyond highly dependent on producing high-quality products requiring little or no rework, organizations need to invest in effective and innovative quality systems. While industry standard quality management methodologies such as Six Sigma and cGMPs and widely used standards such as ISO 9000 address systemic quality problems, they must be supported by real-time visibility into quality processes, closed-loop quality management and efficient documentation of information. By investing in an effective and innovative quality management system, companies will be able to immediately address quality-related issues affecting internal staff, suppliers, partners, stakeholders and customers.

Adept Minds offers organizations a robust and quality management software solution that provides a holistic view of all quality programs, facilitating better decision-making. Organizations can leverage the comprehensive solution to streamline internal quality processes as well as quality processes involving suppliers, products and customers. Embedded best practices ensure compliance with various standards such as ISO 9000 and ISO 22000, as well as various quality regulations.

By aligning quality systems and processes with operational and business processes, the solution helps organizations foster a business-centric approach to quality audits and compliance. Moreover, it is also possible to easily identify, track, and resolve quality issues - significantly reducing compliance costs and the risk of non-compliance.