When it comes to managing your IT workforce, we offer solutions that can scale according to your needs. Adept Minds Inc provides technical staff augmentation and direct placement services, as well as full management of outsourced projects, and technical education services.

Our services are segmented to focus on distinct aspects of technology including: applications, infrastructure, and communications. As a result, we provide a diverse offering that does not sacrifice the specialized technical expertise required to deliver high-performance results.

Why Adept Minds?

Simply put, Adept Minds Inc goes further to provide you with the right people. Whether you require a managed project team to deliver a global solution, or just one help desk consultant for day-to-day operations, we go above and beyond other providers to ensure our professionals have the necessary technical and soft skills to not only perform their duties, but also to mesh with your IT culture.

Adept Minds  realizes that enterprises are constantly contending with two ever-changing issues: technology refreshes that in turn lead to information sprawl and overload.

Even as the new developments in technology promise a world of information at user fingertips, it could be an unmanageable overload if IT divisions in companies do not approach the content management in a systematic manner. The proliferation of enterprise content such as paper documents, faxes, e-mails, instant messages, videos, presentations and Web pages mandates the need to manage all of this for optimum operations.

Adept Minds has worked with several clients to help them automate, track, access and secure content that is critical to the success of their businesses. Our core team of architects brings over 40 man-years of combined experience in handling information workflows, understanding content meta-data and expertise across open source and packaged Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions.

Our Features

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