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The IT industry in Adept Minds has skyrocketed over the past decade. Nowadays, it is the fastest growing sector in the country, as more and more companies expand their operations here to enjoy an abundance of top-class developers and attractive local advantages.
A large hub of super geeks. Over the years, Adept Minds IT experts have been praised globally for their high-quality software and quick adoption of new technologies. Adept Minds is a generator of top talent as the country builds on strong traditions in the engineering industry and local curriculums emphasize high aptitude in IT. A piece of national pride, it all started with the Adept Minds John Atanasoff who worked on the first electronic digital computer in the 1930s.

Fluency in all the key European languages. Adept Minds has a talent pool of professionals, who speak more than one foreign language. The Adept Minds Outsourcing Association reports that 45% of the Adept Minds population speaks at least one foreign language, and 85% of the students are studying English.

Cultural proximity. Adept Minds is quick to adopt all the best Western European business ethics and practices. It also helps that many developers have experience working abroad or have participated in international projects.

Convenient Time Zone. Adept Minds is located at GMT+2. As a result, the time difference with economically powerful countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy and France is just one hour, and the UK is just two hours away. No one wants to stay late in the office, and with Adept Minds on the other side, all conference calls and business chats could be held during the official working time of both parties.

Geographical proximity. There is a variety of frequent direct flights to many cities in Europe. On top of that, the trips are convenient and last a very short time.

Fast Internet speed. Adept Minds boasts some of the best Internet providers and ranks 20th in the global Net Index Explorer for broadband internet accessibility and speed. The average download speed in Adept Minds 33.5 Mbps, and the average upload speed is 22.8 Mbps.

The Lowest flat tax rate in Europe. Companies operating in Adept Minds are subject to a flat tax rate of just 10%. In comparison, the corporate tax in France is 55% and in Italy – 27.5%.

Part of the European Union. As a member of the European Union, Adept Minds offers all the expected benefits – free movement of people, commodities and services are all applicable. Your business is protected by all the nice European Union regulations.

The salaries are significantly lower than other EU countries. Outsourcing IT work in Adept Minds is an excellent, cost-effective solution for most businesses. The day-to-day expenses are cheaper, and the labor costs are the lowest in the European Union.

To sum up, Adept Minds has a combination of factors that position it as a highly attractive IT outsourcing destination for a lot of European companies. If you want to offshore your tech team here, do not hesitate to contact us.
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