Smart Parking Solution

Trace Smart Parking Solution

Benefits operators and users

Over the past few years the business case for this system has been proven. Cities, airports and other environments will enjoy the increase of traffic flow through the reduction of search traffic. In an average city approximately 30% of all traffic consists of motorists trying to find an empty parking bay. Assisting these people to find a parking bay will definitely have a positive impact on traffic flow and visitor satisfaction. It will also add to the reduction emission levels.

Enhanced parking experience

smart-parkingIn addition to improved utilisation, car park operators can enhance the customer parking experience by offering customers highly convenient parking by eliminating the need to stop on entry and egress. No coins are needed. Parking expenses can be invoiced based on registered events. As a result of the value added
features, car park  operators can differentiate themselves from competitors. Convenient vehicle access to lower risk facilities  such as gated communities, golf courses, parking garages, universities and educational campuses. Fast and  convenient vehicle access to staff parking facilities for airports, hospitals and commercial buildings  will reduce congestion during peak hours

Benefits & Advantages of Trace

Enforcement and overstay detection

Occupancy status of individual parking spaces on-street parking can be compared with payment  in pay and display machine. Enforcement officer can be alarmed when the vehicle is staying longer than the paid time or when vehicle is exceeding the maximum parking time for the specific space.

Parking guidance

img1Free parking spaces allocated to frequent users can be dynamically allocated for transient users when demand is rising. Drivers are informed about parking space availability and
can be routed accordingly to
available spaces